Friday, 7 June 2019

Milking time

I like this book because it is very fun to do with friend.

My beach

I love beaches


My Beach

On the beach the bright sun shines on me when  walk through the sand.What I can see is the birds and the waves.What I can feel is the water on my fet and hands.What I can taste is the wind.I can smell salt water.

Autumn Forest

I like autumn forest

Autumn forest

once upon a time there was a forest fulled with crunchy golden leaves and they are falling off the strong tall trees.And the colourful leaves are on the ground when they fall off the trees.

Thursday, 30 May 2019

Little Red Riding Hood with a twist.

Once upon a time there was a girl called Red Riding Hood and she lived in a house beside a huge forest and it was shrouded in darkness. One day Red Riding Hood had to deliver bread to her Grandma. Before she delivered it she packed the bread for her grandma before she went into the forest. First she walked in the spoooky forest. The wolf was stalking his prey and his prey was Red Riding Hood. He was following Red Riding Hood to her grandmas house, since the wolf knew where grandma lived. He went there and he opened the door and he sneaked in and grabbed grandma and out her in thencupboard. Next he hid in the shadows. But he felt bad. So he told Red Riding Hood that grandma was in the cupboard. Next grandma made a cup of tea when she was out of the cupboard and they all became friends With the wolf. Finally the wolf left but he often returned to visit grandma and drink tea. 

The end.